H&S Engineering Metal Fabrication

We offer all-inclusive packages of engineering services that only promotes high quality metal fabrication. We deliver excellence in all metals and finishes which includes everything from initial consultation and to manufacture and installation.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced fabricators employ latest metal fabrication techniques and tools to generate cost-effective and customer focused services. We seek out new ideas and improved solutions to give you the highest quality results right on time, every time.

Metal Fabrication Services

H&S Engineering Services offers a wide range of services including development, modelling, laser cutting, punching, welding, folding and guillotining, powder coating and fastener insertion for different industries. All our operations are done according to industry standards and regulations as we specialize in providing high quality results.

It is important that you choose experienced professionals from the most trusted firm. Our engineers are fully qualified and experienced to use top quality equipment and materials. We ensure that all work is trusted to completion, providing you with complete peace of mind.

We understand the ever-changing needs and also that no two projects are same. Thus, we provide solutions for every project (small or large). We specialise in mobile metal fabrication services, ensuring that all jobs are completed on site with minimal disruption.

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